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My name is Kyria!

Hey beauty,

I am an Online Business Manager, cat mom, bookworm & your sustainable business how-to girl. My human-first approach and mindful strategies for running an online business have helped my clients establish a healthy relationship with showing up in their business, and living their life!

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My approach to online business management is all about being proactive versus reactive.

Meaning I encourage business owners to prioritize their own wellbeing, while simultaneously growing their brands. I’ve seen first hand what happens when entrepreneurs put their needs on the back burner and it can lead to serious resentment towards the biz and feeling fatigued and overwhelmed.

My passion for productivity & supportive workplaces stems from my own lived experience in the corporate world, where I witnessed young entrepreneurs not getting the actual support they needed to be successful.

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How I got here...

I’ve experienced the stress of running a business firsthand and have been able to use it as a tool to provide fellow service providers with an efficient structure and framework for their business. I’m a strong believer in sticking with what feels good to you. There is no right or wrong way to do business, unless you’re selling shady stuff on Kjiji or something (please don’t do this). We can work together to establish systems that are aligned with where you’re at in your business so you can avoid burnout and bring your dreams to life.

I have 8 years of administrative experience, working as a trusted assistant to accounting and marketing executives in fast-paced environments, as well as an education in Digital Marketing. This combination has provided me with a solid foundation in wearing multiple hats and establishing efficient systems for success. I’m here to remind you that your business doesn’t have to remain stagnant. With the right support and systems, your brand can scale and you can maintain a healthy relationship with your business and mental health.

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Are you ready to ditch hustle culture, too?


The Fun Stuff

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a dance party and time spent in nature are two of the best things for our souls.

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